ISSUE 1    2018 

Cover Eng Issue 1

  • “My first year in Italy.” The UK’s Ambassador to Italy tells her story. By Jill Morris
  • The spirit of Dunkirk. By Vittorio Sabadin
  • BREXIT. Challenges and opportunities. By Marco Piantini
  • The 25th edition of the historic British Council conference. By Paul Sellers
  • Oxford and Brexit. By Alastair Buchan
  • Nadey Hakim. The art surgeon. By Davide De Leo
  • Gianluca Vialli. “I’ll tell you about my England”. By Stefano Boldrini
  • Maurizio Bragagni. The Italian entrepreneur who loves Britain. By Davide De Leo
  • Ernesto Nathan. The London gentleman, Mayor of Rome. By Anna Foa
  • The Gentlemen’s Clubs of London: The Story of the In & Out (Naval and Military Club). By Tommaso Alberini
  • Wimbledon, the oldest and most prestigious tennis championship in the world. By Claudio Giua
  • Do you know dog law? A dog’s life in the UK. By Eugenio Montesano


ISSUE  2   2018 

COVER number 2 English

  • Launch of ‘Il Club’
  • BREXIT DOSSIER. The opportunities.
  • The reasons behind the vote to ‘Leave’. Eamonn Butler, Adam Smith Institute. By D. De Leo
  • Brexit. A divorce from 27 wives. Interview with Niall Ferguson. By P. Peduzzi
  • ‘No deal plus’. By J. Jessop
  • The Club Torino in London. By Michele G. Porfido
  • The Gentlemen’s Clubs of London: The Carlton Club. By A. Simoni
  • My years in London. By P. Terracciano
  • That bench in Hyde Park. Sabrina Corbo. By the editorial team
  • A model of social housing. Domenico Meliti. By D. De Leo
  • The legend of Caernarfon Castle. By Vittorio Sabadin
  • Premier Vs Serie A. Two types of football compared. By G. Teotino
  • I was the Captain of the “Three Lions”. Interview with Sol Campbell. By S. Boldrini
  • The story of the Thin White Duke. By K.Cann
  • The photo that made history. By B. Duffy


ISSUE 3   2018

ISSUE 4 2018

cover 3